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Set 28, 2013

World Social Science Forum 2013: Digital Age, New Challenges: Insight on Technostress

World Social Science Forum 2013

Nel prossimo Ottobre 2013 si svolgere a Montreal (Canada) il World Social Science Forum 2013, dedicato alle trasformazioni sociali nell’epoca digitale.

All’interno del programma di conferenze del forum si svolgerà (Sunday, October 13, 2013 – 15:00 – 16:45Room: 516D) la relazione”Digital Age, New Challenges: Insight on Technostress” del Dr. Jane-frances Agbu, della National Open University of Nigeria. Riporto la presentazione della ricerca e stiamo in attesa del report completo.

Background: There is no doubt that we are presently in the age of digital technologies, which is a positive development but it is important to note that its rapid introduction in virtually all spheres of life could cause individuals to suffer from a combination of technology fatigue and aversion known as technostress. Technostress is defined as a modern disease of adaptation caused by an inability to cope with computer technologies in a healthy manner. It manifests itself in two distinct and related ways: in the struggle to accept computer technology, and in the more specialized form of over-identification with computer technology. Objective: Providing insight on technostress, the study seeks to assess manifestations of Technostress among students and workers. Study also ascertains relationship between technostress and psychophysiological manifestations. Method: Technostress Rating Scale (TRS), a 29-item, likert-type questionnaire will be administered to participants (e-students), drawn from the National Open University of Nigeria and bank workers drawn from Lagos metropolis. Hypotheses raised will be tested with mean, standard deviation, t-test, one-way ANOVA and correlation statistics. Informed recommendations that will build on knowledge will be made.

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